Thursday, August 19, 2010

M&Em Super Sale

If you didn't know already, my friend Morgan and I came up with something called "M&Em Babysitting," which had an M&M with M&Em on it for a logo.
So a little while back, we went a little further after realizing that we could make a good amount of cash, and made an "M&Em Super Sale." Our motto for the babysitting was "It's a TREAT to babysit!" Now, our motto for the Super Sale is "It's a TREAT to EAT!" We had "Morgan's Bakery Corner" and "Cooking Emma's Candy Shoppe." We printed up a bunch of flyers and order forms so our neighbors could order pies, cookies and candy. But, the only bad part was that we only got one order. But it was a huge order!!! Our neighbor Tom ordered 6 pkg. of peanut butter cups, 4 pkg. sugar cookies, and 2 apple pies.

I had a good time making the stuff, and Morgan ended up getting sick, so she couldn't make the cookies, but her mom filled in for her. We plan on making our delivery tomorrow!

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