Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Homemade Orange Juice

I have these odd food phases in my life, if you haven't noticed already. Just a while back, I was in a Green-Apple-Phase. A long while back, I was in a Bosch-Pear-Phase. Now, I'm in a Navel-Orange-Phase, except I don't just eat them, I make orange juice out of them. My mom just bought a lemon juicer, and so I use that instead of my hands. It might sound easy, as in, "Just put in a half of an orange and squeeze it," but that's not the best way. What would really work well is cutting it up in pretty much 10ths, but I do 8ths. I put an 8th in the squeezer, and a pretty good amount of juice comes out.

I like leaving the pulp in, because it's healthy for you.

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