Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sponge Candy

Today I tried the recipe for sponge candy- it was part failure, part success. The success was that you could eat it- the failure was that you need a jackhammer to get the rest out of the pot. I tried it at my grandmother's house, and in the book it called for 3 tablespoons of dark corn syrup, and my grandma's and other Internet recipes called for a whole cup of it. But I decided to go with the book. WRONG! The temperature very quickly rose to the required temp, and we hastily added the baking soda as it was hardening. The pan was extremely hot, too hot for me too hold, and my grandma's hands were covered in butter from buttering the pan, so she couldn't hold it. The candy hardened into the pot, and my wooden spoon didn't help at all. I tried a butter knife, but it was too late.

It tastes fine, as regular homemade candy should. I tried the recipe over with 1 cup of the syrup, and it was a TOTAL success!!! There was a lot more of it, and it didn't stick as much! Well, of course it stuck a bit, but in the other recipe, half of it stuck to the pot. If you ever try the sponge candy recipe from the book, try using 1 cup of the syrup. Trust me. ;)

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