Friday, December 25, 2009

Rock Candy (Part One)

I was skimming through my "Field Guide to Candy" today and the recipe for rock candy caught my eye. To start, I added sugar to boiling water until the sugar dissolved.

Then I was supposed to cover wet bamboo skewers in sugar and let them sit in the dissolved sugar-water for a few days.

I decided not to add food coloring to them, because I figured that white, crystal-like candy would look better. I'll write again within the next week to tell all of you viewers how the project turned out. Until then, I will be trying new recipes!


  1. This is the sweetest blog I've ever seen! It has the ingredients to be an award winner! Send some tummy! (Ta-me)Pie for now!

  2. Hey Em,
    Can you send me the recipe for rock candy?
    It sounds really kool.