Monday, December 28, 2009

Pear & Apple Chips

Today I made pear and apple chips. I started by cutting the fruits half, and slicing them on the mandoline. A mandoline is very sharp. The other day I was watching the TV show "Hell's Kitchen", and a cook sliced his finger off on it. Ouch! Then I soaked them in a pot of dissolved sugar-water, and when they were ready, I took them out and laid them on a silpat. Getting the pears out was tough--if you picked up a whole piece, it would fall apart and plop back into the pot with a splash.

I finally managed to get them out, and the apples were as simple as apple pie. We put the sugared fruits into the oven for an hour, and they tasted great!

Except, it was a bit bland, so I took the book's word for it and dipped them in chocolate. RIGHT! Luckily, it wasn't a disaster like the first batch of the sponge candy. Then I tried them covered in Nutella. EVEN BETTER! It tastes great! You should try it sometime, whoever you are...

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