Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream/Rhubarb Pie -- AGAIN

My mom wanted to make some more ice cream today, and this time it was going to be vanilla bean. Last time, it was avocado. She bought some vanilla beans, and so I scraped the seeds from the pods, which is harder than it sounds.

Next, we had to boil cream and milk, adding cornstarch and corn syrup together, and then let it cool over an ice bath.

Then we strained it into the ice cream maker. Of course, I had to recommend another rhubarb pie to go with the ice cream, so I decided to make it more on my own this time. I made the crust, picked the rhubarb, cut off the leaves, and then sliced the rhubarb.

We used orange zest again and this time I sealed the edges of the crust with a fork instead of crimping it with my fingers. It turned out delicious!!! We always make cinnamon pie crust treats with the leftover dough.

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