Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lo Mein Noodles and Sweet-&-Sour Chicken

When I went on a field trip to the zoo with my church buddies, I stopped at a Chinese restaurant in the food court called the Tiger Wok. I ordered sweet-&-sour- chicken with some lo mein noodles, an egg roll, and a small soda all for just $4.80! While others got a burger or a slice of pizza for $7.80. I think I got the best deal of the group. Well, I got home, and I went on and on about how good it was, so my mom and I just agreed to make it rather than to go to a restaurant.
It started with making the sweet-&-sour sauce and the sauce to put with the lo mien. Then, my mom cut the chicken into little nuggets, which she then had to deep-fry in our pan. They had to be fried twice, but it would've been quicker if she did it in a wok like the recipe said, but a deep-fryer works, too.

I poured the sauce over...

Then, I put the noodles on a platter as well as the chicken.

My stuffed animal panda bear, Ping, was happy to be in a picture of him and some Chinese food!

Even though it was not exactly the same, it was equally as good as the Tiger Wok.

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